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upgrade (jeb) chatroom banter from years ago

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:19] dollyesqua: your babble hehe

[22:19] jeb: lol ty

[22:19] jeb: for reading it

[22:20] dollyesqua: film over? how was it?

[22:20] dollyesqua: i want to see black swan

[22:20] jeb: any answers you are looking foryou should ask now

[22:20] jeb: im channeling a great spirit

[22:20] dollyesqua: why do i care so much about what others think?

[22:21] jeb: i feel him in me , i think he was an ancient chief way before even the white man came here

[22:21] jeb: because

[22:21] jeb: you look at yourself as in a mirror

[22:21] jeb: always judging, so when you go out in the world , you assause others are doingthe same to

[22:22] jeb: but mostly they are all in the same boat as you and thinkingthe samethingyou are

[22:22] jeb: and never even seeing you

[22:22] guest-27031 entered the room

[22:22] jeb: does that help?

[22:22] jeb: kong

[22:22] jeb: welcome

[22:22] guest-27031 changed nickname to trampyy

[22:22] kong: im drunk

[22:22] jeb: me too

[22:22] jeb: doly?

[22:22] dollyesqua:  thats true i am very judjmental

[22:23] jeb: dont tel me i wasted my minds eye

[22:23] trampyy: What I miss?

[22:23] dollyesqua: jeb being awesome

[22:23] jeb: what you need to do, is start to look atyourself apart from yourself

[22:23] trampyy: same old same old hehe

[22:23] dollyesqua: i wish i cared less what others thought

[22:23] jeb: dontthink im this or im that

[22:24] dollyesqua: apart from myself?

[22:24] jeb: think i am liz, i love myself an im ok

[22:24] adam9154: kong yayyy

[22:24] dollyesqua: *lizzy hehe

[22:24] jeb: then after you can look at others like that

[22:24] dollyesqua: im okay i guess

[22:24] trampyy: or look down on them hehe

[22:24] jeb: you are dolly to me and i can love you without any attachment

[22:25] jeb: because i love myself thatway

[22:25] dollyesqua: i like myseld when other people like me

[22:25] beata: awwwwws

[22:25] jeb: dont hate people that step on your toes, feel sorry that they arentas enlightened as you

[22:25] beata: WELEL THEM WE LIEK YOU

[22:26] beata: awwws

[22:26] jeb: the only time i get mean is when i encounter true evil

[22:26] beata: well no.

[22:26] beata: actually

[22:26] beata: We, (or I myslef) lovee youu

[22:26] beata: so shush

[22:26] jeb: and trust me i can fucking smel it like stink on a skunk'

[22:26] trampyy: Is anyone here evil?

[22:26] jeb: then get the fuck away from me

[22:26] dollyesqua: I just hae things to work on i guess

[22:26] jeb: cuz i will get very fucking maddog mean

[22:27] dollyesqua: i have evil thoughts

[22:27] jeb: no

[22:27] jeb: sily

[22:27] jeb: do you think about bashing babies heads in on concree walls?

[22:27] jeb: concree

[22:27] jeb: concrete

[22:27] dollyesqua: no but i have this dream that i kill mmy baby a lot

[22:28] jeb: awe

[22:28] jeb: thats just a demented thought that you are scared of ever having a baby

[22:28] jeb: cuz yore subcouscious thinks you arnet able to care for it

[22:28] beata: who doenst have evil thouughts

[22:28] dollyesqua: yes

[22:28] jeb: and i wouldnt suggest ever havinga baby dolly till you are at least30\

[22:29] jeb: i was wrong to have kids so young

[22:29] jeb: i was a child myself

[22:29] dollyesqua: i dont want a baby till im rich

[22:29] jeb: wel

[22:29] jeb: you might never get one

[22:29] jeb: then

[22:29] dollyesqua: i will

[22:29] jeb: just wait till your are mature enough to nuture that lil guy or girl

[22:29] jeb: without ever being frustrated by it

[22:30] dollyesqua: i will keb i will

[22:30] jeb: these lil babys are our greatestthing

[22:30] beata: I dont ever want to be preggo

[22:30] beata: but kids are okay

[22:30] trampyy: Id hate to give birth

[22:30] jeb: imagine if someon would have loved hitler

[22:30] jeb: he was a genius

[22:30] beata: yep true that jeb

[22:30] jeb: he coulda been loved instead of hated

[22:31] dollyesqua: i want kids so much i think its why im here on earth sometimes to be a mum

[22:31] jeb: look at thes fools killing themselves over allah

[22:31] jeb: and us with them

[22:31] dollyesqua: which is why i wish i could be straighter

[22:31] jeb: they are all insane

[22:31] beata: it pisses me off when i see 20 year olds with way too much makeup on going around in a str

[22:31] trampyy: Maybe you should be a professional foster mum

[22:31] jeb: lol

[22:31] trampyy: im 20 im a big boy

[22:31] jeb: you should just be glad your not her bea

[22:31] trampyy: you're*

[22:32] dollyesqua: *youre

[22:32] beata: lol

[22:32] dollyesqua: ahh

[22:32] beata: but poor kid

[22:32] dollyesqua: hheh

[22:32] trampyy: Ima put you outta a job

[22:32] trampyy: hehe

[22:32] jeb: some people live very sad lives of silent desperation

[22:32] beata: and all those pageants for toddlers.

[22:32] trampyy: those are nasty and creepy

[22:32] jeb: ive been homeless and stil managed to love life

[22:33] jeb: when you stop loving life is when you become a a dark sorry soul

[22:33] dollyesqua: one lil hair goes the wrong way and i think life is over

[22:34] dollyesqua: HI

[22:34] trampyy: wait

[22:34] trampyy: jeb looks different

[22:34] dollyesqua: its his daughter

[22:34] trampyy: that makes more sense than my theory

[22:34] dollyesqua: lol

[22:35] dollyesqua: what did you thinkk

[22:36] dollyesqua: fuck

[22:36] dollyesqua: cams all moved

[22:37] beata: hi

[22:37] dollyesqua: hello

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