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To Shame or Not to Shame?

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I'm Filipino with Chinese blood on my mom's side and Spanish on my dad's and I'm proud of both sides. But more so of the Spanish side. I mean, the Spaniards gave us our culture. There is a region back home that still speaks Spanish (albeit adulterated) to this day. Vigan and Intramuros have well-preserved Spanish architecture. Our language is a mix of native, Chinese, Spanish, and other dialects/languages. Our food has Spanish influence. But they committed horrible attrocities against the Filipino people (especially the friars) that I feel as though I shouldn't be proud of it. Like I'm betraying my own people or something. It's like a Native American with Caucasian blood who's proud of his Caucasian ancestors (when it was the white man who raped their women, killed their people, and stole their land). Or an English/Irishman who was proud of his English roots when it was the English who oppressed them.

Should I be ashamed of my Spanish ancestry?

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That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I have a rather large mix in me but the majority of it is German. You know some of "the biggest civil rights offenders". And yet I am proud of my ancestry. Germans are a strong people and have a long history of being warrior oriented. While it is true that they have gone astray, the very core traits that make them up in a physical sense are the same and those are the traits that are passed on.

Getting so sick of this PC BS attitude that people are getting. People are who they are stop trying to get the whole world to walk on eggshells, or worse yet believing the hype and becoming ashamed of your heritage.

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Hybrid races between oppressors and oppressed are extremely common because utlimately, people are just people and love transcends culture and race.

I don't think you should be ashamed of being spanish. Race and culture are just buzz words for groups of people.

However, if inequality exists between filipino and spanish groups, and you are inadvertently helping to perpetuate this inequality via inaction, then maybe that is a reason to feel ashamed.

For example, if Jewish people are not discriminated against in Germany, and do not face systemic constraints on their opportunities because of their ancestry, then modern day Germans have nothing to be ashamed of (perhaps something to be proud of?).

In New Zealand, oppressive acts were committed against the local MÄori. Modern day european NZers have no reason to feel ashamed for acts committed in the past, but I think they do have reason if the results of those acts are still seen today (low SES/education stats, and high incaceration/alcoholism stats) and nothing is being done about them.

I don't know what the situation is in the Philippines, but I'm sure Spanish culture brought some good things to the native culture along with the bad.

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Confucius would have said, "Be proud of the good things that your ancestors did, and search yourself today for their faults."

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