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Padre J Roulston

Spider Plant

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Just a (hopefully) quick question. I have a spider plant, and the tips of the leaves are starting to brown. Just the tips. 


What can/should I do about this? What is the cause of this?

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I trim mine with sharp nail scissors .. if you make a little point, it isn't noticeable.   Spider plants don't like soil that's too rich, so it could be that you're overfeeding it.  They only need a little boost once or twice a year.  I give mine a very weak tomato feed in Spring and Summer. 


They don't like being "spoiled" too much.  In fact, if you want baby plants, you almost have to mistreat it !  People often make the mistake of pampering them when they see brown tips but actually those are usually caused by over-indulging.


Try using filtered or fresh rainwater (unless you are in a high pollution zone).  That might help.


Also, make sure your plant isn't near central heating or draughts.


They are great little plants.  Apparently they help eliminate toxins in our environment.  Clever things.

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