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Food waste.

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This is a bit random but im looking to meal plan and try to be more efficient with food, since alot gets thrown away when no one can be bothered to cook.


anyway, i was just thinking of buying parmasan cheese. but all of the packets are too big and i know alot will get thrown away since the packaging says once open, use within 3 days. is that really right?


I mean, i always have a large block of cheddar cheese in the fridge and it is never eaten within 3 days and its always fine. and alot of these cheeses are stored for 18 months or so. 


I always throw feta away after 3 days because its a soft cheese and i worry about it. but now im not sure


im bit wary with parmasan because i never buy it, so will it be ok to be kept longer? i had a quick internet search and it seems to say you can keep it for around 3 months. 


i just wonder if supermarkets are making us throw stuff away unnecessarily?.

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Parmesan cheese is one of the most hardiest and long lasting cheeses there are.  Consider ANY amount of parmesan cheese to last well into a year.  The same can be mostly said for most hard cheeses (not so much the softer ones).  Cheese IS a mold.  When left, it will grow micro mold.  Unlike other foods that mold, you can cut the bad parts off and the cheese is perfectly good.

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I buy the chunk of parmesan cheese in the store instead of the pre shredded stuff.  In the pre shredded stuff, I think they add things to make it....different, somehow.  So that it will last longer, maybe?

Anyway, I buy 3-4 pounds of the parmesan and shred it as needed, usually trying to shred a little extra to avoid a job on "rush" days.  It lasts for weeks if it's not shredded.  When it's shredded, it lasts for several days, at least. 

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Parmesan cheese can still be safe to eat after 3 months in a Refrigerator as long as you keep it in an airtight container or seal up the packaging it's in.

To be safe though you should check it every few days or so encase it develops an odd odor or starts growing mold anywhere. If it does then that's probably a good time to throw it out.


If you ever consider that you might want to keep it for longer then doing the same, but with a Freezer, would keep it safe to eat for around about 10 months (possibly a bit longer) but freezing food does kill some of the flavor so it might be worth baring that in mind.

It is apparently also recommended that thawed cheese is best for cooked dishes.


If you're interested in knowing, Feta cheese lasts for about a week in the refrigerator and 3 months in the freezer (sealed up of course) although if you see mold then it's probably best to throw it away.

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Excluding fish and chicken, I eat everything way out of date.

Dates on packaging are guide lines only.

If my cheese has gone mouldy I will just cut the mould off and still use it.

Tinned stuff can be eaten years out of date.

Cheese is made from off milk, so to eat it out of date isn't a problem.

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