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Messy or what?

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My roommate told me she was interested in this guy at the beginning of the summer (before we were roommates). I had no idea who he was and encouraged her to talk to him. They ended up going to the movies once and spent some time together but overall she was frustrated that things weren't moving along. Over time I got to know more about him and the girls he was pursuing in our same circle. One of those girls happened to be another friend who now strongly dislikes him because according to her she would call him over to hook up and he'd hang out at first but eventually stopped coming around. Long story short they both complained that he would not make concrete dates and trying to hook up with them while still calling whatever relationship they had a "friendship". I noticed these qualities about him. He was really friendly with me too and has asked me to lunch but I generally kept my distance because I felt he got involved (most likely not sexual) with girls I knew. Eventually, I started noticing that he is a good guy, he is smart, involved and looking for love however fast it seemed at first. He ended up telling me he didn't want to get involved with my roommate because she had a lot of serious issues she wasn't dealing with/enabling and he didn't want to have to deal with. I know this to be true about her. I also know that my other friend isn't as much of a victim as she claims inviting guys to "hook up" and drink at her dorm knowing full well she doesn't plan to take it all the way or commit because she is a Christian. I assume like most guys in college he's a flirt and takes advantage of hanging out with different girls, whether or not he sees real potential with them as future girlfriends. My roommate ended up getting involved with another guy and after their drama everything blew over. So now the guy is hinting at spending time with me and flirts but I'm reluctant to let it turn into anything because of the history. My roommate may have fallen in love with another guy and gotten over it but would I be a bad friend if I got with this him? I live with this girl so I'm trying to keep the peace and keep my reputation in tact within our friends circle, I'm not sure how my other friend would take it either. Should i just go for it and not care what anybody thinks? 

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