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Tips for choosing vibrant colours for web projects

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Web colours

Designers are now free to experiment with colour

One of the best things about recent website layouts and user experience design is how much more of a role is played by colour. The days of web-safe colours are gone, and we can focus on colour as a crucial design tool.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you choose colours for your projects: first, go for colour contrast. Multiple system settings, plugins and glare protectors mean users today have total control over how their screens look – so it's vital to keep contrast in our designs.

But there's another reason why this is key: colour-blindness. There are plenty of types of this common impairment, and the more contrast between content and background colours, the less likely it is viewers will become unable to see content.

The days of web-safe colours are gone

Second, stray away from black and white. Warmer or cooler shades of dark greys and off-whites still provide ample contrast, can work better with monochromic tones or palettes, and look a bit more interesting.

Also avoid primary colours, which can give off an elementary school art class or 1990s web design vibe. With rgba() as a colour option (including transparencies) in CSS we can experiment a lot more!

Finally, use colour to draw the user's 
eye. Bold or unique colours can be used as a way to draw attention to actions
 (like buttons, clicks and so on) or to must-
see and must-read content.

colour hierarchy can come into play to set secondary content back so it supports (but doesn't distract from) the primary purpose 
of a page, section or module.

01. Pycon 2016

Web colours

Blue is the foundation colour of Pycon 2016

The site for Pycon 2016 is based around several inviting, bright shades of blue. The slate colour used for the darkest areas 
is a fresher look than black.

02. Details

Web colours

Colours from all over the spectrum come together at the Details site

Digital communications agency Details 
has gone for an unexpected colour palette full of vibrant, contrasting shades.

03. In Space We Trust

Web colours

In Space We Trust has typography that leaps off the screen

The site for art project In Space We Trust makes use
 of monochromatic gradients, paired with bright white, bold typography. Accent colours create interest.

This article was originally published in net magazine issue 280. Buy it here.

CreativeBloq?d=yIl2AUoC8zA CreativeBloq?d=qj6IDK7rITs CreativeBloq?i=wcWEcJR7k6Q:-tJdjgfqIpM:g

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