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John Wayne Shooting Cyclists

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I had to laugh and grin at that because the falling shots or so old western film-like (with no blood, etc.)  Though the music is wrong (the song is from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, with Clint Eastwood).  

I felt this way before I started riding my bike to work.  I would say bicyclists should ride at night, unless it's a really non-busy road.  Also drivers: STOP HONKING YOUR HORN AT BICYCLISTS.  I'm gonna grab the next guy who honks at me for no fudging reason what so ever.  

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I never honk at bicyclists; I wouldn't want to cause them to startle and have a crash in front of my car.

I think it's great when people ride bicycles....saving the environment; getting healthy.  What I don't like is when they ride on a little road four abreast and you have to slow down to 20 mph because you can't get around them for several miles....this also causes a dangerous situation for motorists who are approaching the slow speed and are not paying attention....the other drivers might not slow down!

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The problem is that, as a bicyclist, you're kind of constantly in this situation: Should I obey the law, or not?

Drivers are just doing what they find common sensical, because they don't ride bikes, they don't know the rules.  The truth is, according to the law, A BICYCLE IS A VEHICLE. That means you're not supposed to pass it on a single lane road.  It means we have the right a way in all situations where a car would have the right of way.  It means we're supposed to stop at traffic lights too, and stop at stop signs, etc.  

Me personally?  I put myself in the driver's position and act accordingly, which means I stay as far to the right of the lane as possible so that the driver can pass me.  But that's also dangerous because shrubbery or debis on the side of road can distract me or damage my tires.  But it's better than being honked at by some impatient idiot who can't wait for his chance.  

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