suiside saved my life

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I know I have been away from help for a long while now but the last 2 years have been a struggle for me and I have tried to kill myself a few times believe it or not but in trying to take my own life it has saved me this last time I almost died if it wasn't for my daughter finding me I would have I was admitted to a mental heath facility against my will at first I was angry but by the second day spending time with other people who where in the same situation as I was I saw I was not alone I have been out for a week now but my whole thinking has now changed I see hope where I felt hopeless I know I have a long way to go but I feel a bit stronger now and believe I can do I have learned to never give up hope I had a good talk with padre he has always tried to help me but I turned him away I just want to say thank you padre for still being here for me when I have treated you like a enemy the last few years thank you for being my friend threw this all if anyone needs to talk or needs a friend needs a shoulder I am here to listen and me myself may still need the same as I take my journey back

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