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What is love?

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We all ask this not so simply question when we are growing up, when we are married, when we are dating, when we are alone.  But really what is it?

In my personal opinion it's when you wake up and the first thing that comes to mind is that person, you think about that person throughout the day, and you go to bed thinking about that person, it's where you will do anything for that person, where you change yourself for that person (because any healthy relationship is give and take), and you will do anything to put a smile on this person's face, no matter the time it takes, the distance between you two, etc etc...  Now yes that does sound somewhat stalker(ish) right?  But I'm not talking about following the person around, blowing up their devices, etc etc... True love is just that... They are the TRUE REAL DEAL.  

This is often confused by your current status.  If you've been with someone for a long period of time and the relationship ends, that first next relationship could be the real deal... or just a rebound... I've personally just experienced this.  I was married for 10 years... dated her for 13, had two kids, and divorced in 2014...then dated a long time high school friend and yeah the relationship was good, but it wasn't great, and yes I do care about this girl... but the Love... the true Love just wasn't there.  I didn't have the urge to keep fighting for her, and to stand by her.  I knew then it wasn't true love.

See we all get lonely, and I think that's what this was.  Feelings get mixed up between wanting and needing, between lust and love.  But that being said DO NOT DISCREDIT THE POSSIBILITY that they next person, or that first person you date, isn't your true love.

See I recently just fell for this girl... well over the past few months I have been.  We've not slept together and won't be for awhile.  We don't live close, but spend every day all day talking to each other, we've skyped for hours, we've been as intimate as possible with each other with our distance.  So we are starting off away from each other, the HARDEST thing about a relationship is distance and communication... communication is there.  

So I fell in love with her.... and I told her that... and she returned it, This isn't that "I need someone" feeling.. because that physical presence isn't there, and let's be honest here...  some of you ladies who will read this post know what I look like and you all know it wouldn't be hard for me to find that "physical" connection with someone...    But I have no interest in it.  I have no interest in going to bars, and flirting, or being rude, or anything else... my only focus is getting my love here, and being loyal and faithful to her.   I wait for her to wake up before I go to bed, just so she sees a good morning message from me before she heads to work, If we can't skype I send her little video's just so she can hear my voice.  And let's be honest it has been rough... we've wanted that physical touch, and we've both had nights that we've really needed each other.  But me being that hopeless romantic... have a special surprise for her.  That I hope will solve that missing piece for her.  

It's going to be a long road ahead for us, and there are plans to seen each other soon when work slows down and we can get the time off... although she is coming to me since I live 10 minutes from the beach and it's like 90's all the time and well... It's the BEACH... and it's cold and crappy and rainy and NOT THE BEACH! lol.  But in the end, I believe that we both believe that the struggles we have now are worth every bit of it.  Because together we will be in the best relationship we've ever been in.  Who knows... the only thing I know is that I've not been this happy in about 15 years... and I love every minute of it, and I hope she feels the same way.  

One thing I want to say to the young lovers out there is this... follow your heart.  Remove the crap from your life, the lust, the porn, the bars, the bs... the poison if you will... remove that... and if you are completely happy with your partner without all that poison in your life... then that's the one.

This in my opinion is true love, and it doesn't need to be found after a year of dating, or two years... it can be found early in a relationship.

Oh yeah... and I found her... not on a dating site, not on facebook... but here... this very site.  If she want's to reveal herself that's her joice. 

But... I love you baby!


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well said mate.. i've been in love many times.. mostly with bad girls or heartbreakers cuz im a bad to the bone guy lol however my relationships never lasted more than a few months because of course all that poison between us.. I did date a few good girls.. but they aren't my type. With this being just my opinion, i think its all about perspective for a variety of type of people. 

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Love is unconditional and must remain unconditional.

Spending time together and in close proximity is your biggest test.

May you find happiness and joy always..... and regardless of who is in your life :)


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It was suppose to be about love and it's question... I have a hard time not making examples out of what I was saying... but it was suppose to be a question... so answer away!

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