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This is more of a rant then anything else...

My health, both physical, and mental, are so closely linked. One effects the other, and visa versa. I've been in so much pain, and under so much stress from my physical ailments, that they are making my depression worse. Which in turn is making more stress, which is making my physical pain worse. 

It's all just so tiring. I just want it to all end. (No I'm not suicidal)

I'm up to 16 different doctors who have all come up empty trying to figure out what is wrong with my gut. What is causing all this pain. One of these doctors is the head GI doc in the entire province, (if not the country).

I even tried to 'radically accept' that this is how I'm going to be for the rest of my life. And that seemed to work for a bit. The pain was a little less, for a while, but then it flared back up. So I don't know if the pain was better because of a lull, or whether it was because of the acceptance. 

I'm just so tired.

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Prayers for you Padre.  

Same sorts of issues in my life....severe, uncontrolled asthma that is worse beyond what other people have as asthma.  Mine has been diagnosed as life threatening and it sucks to not be able to do anything during flare ups.

I got meningitis 4 months after my 4 year old was born.  It literally took a year to get over that, but in the process of being so sick, I got severe depression.  Then my asthma got so bad that I was in and out of doctor's offices and ER's all the time.  And on steroids, which are mood altering drugs, which added to the depression.....Add to that the bum knee that puts me out of commission for 3 days periodically....and I also have gut issues, though they seem to be getting better.  In July, I was randomly sick to my stomach, side of the road...

I will tell you that my stomach issues seem to be getting better, and all I've done is give up coffee and I'm drinking a glass of warm water each morning with half a lemon and half a lime squeezed into it.  I had heard that the lemon/lime helps reduce stomach acids, making it less likely to need antacids.  It seems to have worked.  IDK if that's the same gut issue that you have, but I thought I'd share.

I, too, have felt like "this is my life...." and it sux.  I need to get a job some time soon, because my husb will be retiring in 2 years, and that really scares me

I also do know that the more active I am, the better my knee gets....the better my asthma gets.....the better my mental health gets....the better my stomach feels.....

But with four kids and homeschool and all the "catch up" I have to do from the "bad days," it seems like there is never time to do that.

God, though, is all powerful and all things work together for the good for those who love the Lord.  I just keep trying to put my faith in HIm

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I completely know what you mean and it makes me so mad that they haven't figured it out yet. 

Please don't accept that this is your life, keep pushing for the answer but in the mean time try to make things as least stressful as possible. 

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