Like poison in my blood

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That's what it feels like, the pain.

Running through my veins.

I tried to search this, if anyone else feels this when they get sad or emotionally hurt. Only results for fibromyalgia, MS, postpartum depression, and something to do with diabetes came up. So this is here now.

My body feels so weak, I have homework to do, but I felt the need to just say something and this was my refuge at a point in my life, so I come here again. Just to say, my arms feel heavy with any effort of movement, and the pain runs in like a drip, and I feel it in my blood. My fingers are paralysed from the pain. My body heats up, I feel my face burning. All I want to do is lie there, fall asleep. But I have so much to do tonight, and I don't want to do any of it. It sucks to feel this way.

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I know that feeling all to well. Unfortunately there isn't much to do. Just make sure you keep up your fluids, (I prefer a sports drink to help keep up the electrolytes), and take something for the fever. Then it is all about the bed rest. 

Having some kind of infection sucks, all you can do is treat it, and pray that it goes away quickly. Take care of yourself, and then take care of the stuff that needs doing. 

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