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Building a website

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Im looking at building a small website for my new business very soon, probably using a site like godaddy since i really dont know what im doing.

Using the godaddy website builder so thats 5.99 per month (maybe 10 if i need the seo thing)

So then would i need to pay for hosting or is that included? i feel like it isnt so thats another £5-7 per month on top.

is that right and are there any other costs i need to think about?

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I would not use Godaddy. I used to have my site through them, and they are expensive. I'd look around, and see what other sites are available for building/hosting. 

But to answer your question yes, you have to pay for the builder on top of hosting, and yes you will want the SEO enhancement

@TehJackal might be able to give you some better advice though.  

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