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Stepping Away for a bit...

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Due to an ever increasing workload, and launching my own company... dubbed FREEDOM Online, as well as personal health issues with myself and family... it is only fitting that I step away for the next several months until the dust settles and I get things figured out.

What does this mean for HelpToGo?
Honestly not a damn thing.  Unlike last time when I left the company that owns HelpToGo.  I am not leaving, HelpToGo is mine... end of story.  I own everything minus the domain.  This means that if one of the admins reaches out to me and they need something I will be here for them.   But at this time the site is under complete control of @Padre J Roulston and the rest of the admins.  

Over the past several weeks @Padre J Roulston and I have been discussing the future of HelpToGo, and we have some great ideas on how to increase the traffic while bring the site back to it's "almost" original form.  When the time comes (and should be in the next few weeks) @Padre J Roulston will let you all know what is going on as I am currently in the process of launching something else that the new help site will for the most part be built off of.  I can tell you as Padre has been helping me beta test this new site... that we feel confident with some slight changes that this new site will allow the entire community to become extremely active with each other, and return HelpToGo to it's form glory.

You guys have built an amazing community here... and I am doing my very best to bring life back to it, and I hope to be able to put it on that path in just a few months.

@Padre J Roulston @Nix @BuckingFastard(JN) @Gone. In my absence... I leave HelpToGo in your more than capable hands.  

If anyone needs anything from me.  You are welcome to email me at, hit me up on facebook.

Otherwise I will see you all in a few months.   (If not kind of depends on a few things)

God Bless you all.  


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