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So... I think I'm going to write a trilogy. 

I've written one book to completion, which has gone to the editor, and I'm looking into publishing now. I've written the second book, but need to come up with an ending for it, that will leave it hanging. However, I haven't told everything that I want to tell in the second book. So... I think I'm going to write a trilogy. 

At this time, however, I don't know what all I'm going to put in the third book. I have some stuff that I originally wanted to put in the second, but that alone isn't enough for a third book. I have a vague idea about sending them on another road trip, but I don't know what I could do with that. 

Sigh. The joys of writing. 

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hmm idk, but I'd always say quality over quantity. Plus you could always save it for another book with different characters.

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I'm for quality as well. I just don't want the second book to be too much bigger than the first. The word counts are close to the same right now. And I've already written in the climax to the second book. :/

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So I'm thinking that this is what I'm going to use for the opening scene in my third book. What do you all think? Suggestions?



Opening Scene said:

“Push Jessica. Push. You’re doing great!” Kevin said, from between her legs.

Jessica let out another groan, gripped my hand tighter, and bore down.

“Good, the head is crowning.”

I was so excited, yet worried too. This hadn’t been the easiest pregnancy. “You’re doing great, sweetie,” I said copying the doctor’s words, as I wiped the sweat out of her eyes.


My Aunt Helen had Jessica’s other hand and was encouraging her. “It’s almost over, just a few more pushes.”

            “The head is out,” Belinda, the nurse said. “Once the shoulders are out, it will be easy going.”

Jessica gave another mighty push.

Kevin lifted the baby up. “It’s a boy!” he said handing off the baby to Belinda. There was a smack, and the first sound of the baby’s cry filled the room.

Jessica looked into my eyes, with an exhausted smile on her face. “A boy,” she breathed.

“Have you picked out a name?” I asked, before she could answer, however, she fell asleep. It had been a long 24 hours.

“Mark?” Kevin asked, “Would you like to cut the cord?”

I looked to my aunt, and she smiled, nodding.

I lowered Jessica’s hand, and took the scissors from the doctor.

Before I cut the umbilical cord, I looked over my son. Though Belinda was wiping him down, he was still red, and covered in afterbirth. I cut the cord where Kevin indicated, and before I knew it, Belinda took the baby away.


“She’s just cleaning him up,” Kevin said. He turned back to Jessica. “Jessica, c’mon, you’re not done yet. Wake up please,” He said gently.

Jessica’s eyes fluttered open. “Where is he?” She asked weakly.

“Just getting cleaned up,” Kevin answered, “But before you can see him, you need to push out the placenta.” Jessica let out a groan. “It won’t be as hard, I promise. And then you can see your boy.”

Jessica nodded, grabbed my hand, and pushed one more time. There was a wet splatting sound, and then Jessica let out her breath.

Belinda came over, with a small swaddling bundle, and laid it gently into Jessica’s outstretched arms. Immediately Jessica unwrapped the small bundle, and inspected every inch of him.

“He’s perfect,” She breathed, and wrapped him back up.

“Have you decided on a name yet?” My aunt asked.

“I like Liam,” She said looking to me.

“Liam is a good name,” I agreed.

Jessica gave me one of her winning smiles.

“Here,” Jessica said, “you should hold your son.”

I had wanted to, but was scared to at the same time. AS soon as she offered though, I reached out and picked Liam up.

He weighed almost nothing, he was so light in my hands. I cuddled him close, and looked at his perfect little face. Instantly the love for this little being outgrew anything else. I knew I would do anything to ensure the safety and wellbeing of this child.

Just then Liam started to cry.

Belinda came over, and took him from my arms, handing him back to Jessica. “Time to see if he’ll feed.”

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I've only just started on the first book I'm on 7 at the moment( it was late when I started reading it)

What I have read so far is quite interesting. I will be honest with you,at times I felt a little uncomfortable with words like 'bleeding mound' when  Mark was cleaning her up after she had been raped. I also thought this was about science fiction..

I guess I'll find out when I read some more. :)

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