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i hunt for grander things

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i was feeling this form of misanthropy... i like people but once i learn everything about them.. i start to realize that i need to focus on myself.. not others due to the sacrifices i made to tend them. This puts quite a burden on me.  now im in some hole of self doubt feeling they have it worse than me.. the very people i helped cant help me yet put me into this drain making it harder for what i earned or gained.. . nevertheless i find myself to respect my or family needs before anyone else.   i understand the crave for attention but to just feeding the bears only gets them coming back for more... in that ploy ..  how we cant help ourselves .. but as shown we should not disregard ourselves claimed to be grown beings in nature of survival or fittest..when we dont know how to take care of ourselves to find we are needing some force of control to tell us what to do.  freedom is loss when the day comes..if it does.. dont be surprised rebellion comes. following up .. i found a great message after surfing the internet.. best i've ever it goes.

"Try not to get caught up in the thick of thin things. Work hard, keep your eye on the prize and be constantly growing! Others will keep up, or they won't. I can't think of anything worse than living a stagnant life, devoid of change and improvement out of fear of what others will think!

On the opposite end -- keep in mind, no matter how successful you are today, DON'T get complacent. Stay hungry. Don't settle into a comfort zone and don't let success get to your head. Enjoy your success briefly, then move on to greater growth."


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Ive always helped and been there for others with sacrifice to myself. Not anymore. 

There will always be the crabs in the bucket, waiting to pull you back down, take care of you first, then help people if you can, but dont sacrifice what you need just to please others.

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