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An idea as to what HelpToGo v3 will look like

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After a great meeting with @Padre J Roulston last night.  I wanted to give you an idea as to what the future holds for  With the recent launch of my social network platform over at  I will be essentially taking parts of this network and pushing it to Help v3.  After looking at the Help archives we realized that my current social platform is not much different. 

Now... you will sit there and say this is a social network so how will it work with Help?  There are features that I have disabled at the moment that I am rewriting that will better fit what Help needs.  The goal is to allow our members to be both social, and have the options to post into a category.  

So that being said... I can tell you some VERY VERY important features that will be launched with it.

1.  Anom posting option.  When you make a post you will have the option to choose where you want it to be a social post or a category post.  If Category then you select the category, and then if you want it to post publicly under your name, and or anom.  This also means that it will not post on your profile either if posted as anom. 

2.  Although I have the chat feature in there now.  It is not built for a group chat.  So we will be adding that feature so that everyone who has an account will be automatically added to the group chat.  This will allow for much easier and more responsive member engagement.  (specailly since we are working on the mobile app), that essentially functions like FB messenger.  

3.  The filter options will of course be completely different.  

4.  The welcome page will allow for quick anom posting and an idea of what is being posted.  However to see what we truly have to offer we need to give them a reason to engage.  

5. Yes I will be exporting this entire 12gb post db and importing it into the new system.

6. There will not be groups or pages, and of course some other features will be reworked...

The main goal is to make everything easier for you all, and to help generate traffic back to the site.  All in all I believe this is a great step forward, and I am hoping to honestly have this done by the end of the year if not soon, but I will not make any promises.  

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I think number 4 is key. If someone finds this place you have to make it as easy for them to use as possible. Here I am looking for help and all I have to do is type in whatever it is I need help with and nothing else. Instant feedback helps a lot too, and it kind of has a snowball effect. When one or two people are on here and being active suddenly when someone else shows up they stay. This is something that we had going on here for a while. It would be very nice to see it happen again.

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