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Issues & Fixing them

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Talking with the server tech, it seems that we are leaking memory... which is really strange as this has never been an issue before.  However part of this issue could be because the db is growing, although slowly it is... and every bit puts more stress on the server.  Part of that issue is that this system isn't really built for a some 20 year old website and it's 15gb of mysql data.  The good thing is the new system will be.

Tonight we will be working to optomize the the db, with hopes that it helps while I continue to build out the new system.

If you all would like to get a general idea of what the new system will be loosely based off of.  Your welcome to check out the social network I created.

Also... it seems that we have lost some user profile images... not sure why.  But it does not appear that we can't get them back. :(  You will need to reload them.

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