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My daughter's snake sleeps on her bed

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I'm a bit concerned here. My daughter has owned a pet snake for the last 2 years, and recently she's got into a habit of letting it sleep on her bed. On top of where she sleeps. The snake hasn't harmed anyone (yet) but I'm very concerned. Should I let my daughter do this?

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Really what this comes down to is size. If it is a small snake that will stay a small snake, then there isn't a huge deal to worry about. If it is a large snake, or a snake that can get large, stop this now. 

I heard of a story where a lady slept with her large snake, and the snake stopped eating. She took it to the vet, and learned that the reason the snake stopped eating, was that it was sizing her up, with the plans on eating her. 

Ultimately my advice no matter he snakes size is to not allow this behaviour. 

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I'm just a Komodo Dragon and I'm not too familiar with snakes and their capacities for affection.  I think that's what it comes down to though.

Humans evolved as social animals, and have social instincts, things like the capacity for laughter, pride, and embarrassment, as well as affection.  Primates in the wild live together in groups, in which they exhibit behavior that suggests a sense of companionship and altruism.  Similar things can be said of certain other mammals, such as dogs, dolphins, etc.  

Snakes, on the other hand, in nature, only meet up and hang out when they want to breed, or by coincidence (ideal sunbathing ground, etc.).  Otherwise they avoid other snakes.  This makes one wonder if, being that they aren't naturally inclined to hang out with other snakes, if they have social instincts such as pride, embarrassment, shame, etc. 

I don't know, only science can tell.  But as a snake owner, I'm curious:  Does your snake ever show you something that might be interpreted as affection?  Gratitude?  Guilt? Does it acknowledge you when you call it's name?

As an animal myself, I'm generally not in favor of anyone owning any animals, but it makes more sense to own a dog or a cat in my opinion, since those animals are social creatures (well, cats less so than dogs).  I would not be surprised if it was possible for a dog to love a human.  But I've had a few bad dating experiences with snakes, and I wonder if they aren't all just sociopaths that don't resist their owners because they know they are not strong enough and are happy to be fed by them in their inconvenient imprisonment.  Maybe that's speciesist?  

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It all boils down to what kind of a snake it is, and how large it is. If your daughter has a 15 foot long anaconda it is not a good idea for it to sleep with her. If it is some kind of venomous snake it is not a good idea for her to sleep with it no matter the size.

I don't really think of snakes as pets. I think of them as something that is in desperate need of being killed, but that is just me. Apparently your daughter has other ideas. Even if the snake is not harmful to her I don't like the idea of my daughter sleeping with a serpent. It seems like you do not like the idea either. Time to be a parent and show her who the boss is. No you can't sleep with a snake.. why? Because I said so.

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