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more website building help

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so i was looking at some templates to use for my website, if i bought one, how do i edit and get it hosted? 

i was talking to the guy at godaddy and he said for what i want, wordpress manager would be best so i can take payments and book classes. so ive found a template that i really like, its between two but im edging more towards one of them, but theyre not from either wordpress or go daddy, so if i did buy it, how the hell do i edit and get it hosted? 

Im sure this is probably a ridiculous question but im really clueless when it comes to this kind of stuff. 

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hmm, ok, thanks padre, ive bought my domain name with them so i dont know how i would transfer it. the main reason i was thinking about going with godaddy is because i know 0 about all of this, and they have been quite helpful with my stupid questions so far. how about wordpress? i think it might be cheaper but im not loving the templates, theyre more photography, food and wedding based than i would like and dont really suit my needs. I really need stock images of dogs. 

i was gonna message ryan but he looks quite busy at the min.... 

congrats again on the new job padre, sounds like you blasted that interview! well done, sounds like it will be awesome.

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I just found that Go Daddy was very expensive, and it was hard to get in contact with their help. 

That said, when I did get in contact with their help they were helpful. And I did like the website builder that they had.

Thank you, about the job. :) It was quite the surprise to be offered the job of Editor on the spot. I swear my heart stopped.

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