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Working after wisdom teeth removal?

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I had major wisdom teeth surgery done recently, all my wisdom teeth removed, and my supervisor was furious at me for not working and expected me to be back at the office MERE HOURS after my bloody (figuratively AND literally) surgery. I was still loopy from the anesthesia and my mouth was still bleeding and I NEEDED rest! And he expects me to come in right after my surgery? When I went back to work, he castigated me in front of everyone for not doing my job, when I told him BEFOREHAND that I was going to have some major wisdom teeth surgery done. He said that was not an excuse and I should have gone back to work or produced something and called me lazy.

Is that legal? Can he do that? Demand that I work right after (as in merely hours) after my procedure? Can I work? (I mean, I know I couldn't from the anesthesia and from the Tylenol after the effects wore off because it hurt like bloody effing hell, but who knows? Maybe there are other employees brave enough to do that?)

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Can he do it? Of course he can... he did. 

Should he have done it? Of course not. 

Does he have the right to ask you to work after surgery? yes. That doesn't mean that you were in a condition to work. 

And if you were not in a condition to work, then you shouldn't have worked. 


All that said, the way he did things was not professional, and I would recommend contacting HR/his supervisor/the owner whatever is applicable for your company. 

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I've noticed a trend of treating employees more and more like shit the fewer jobs there are. It's not getting better anytime soon either. Maybe a million more jobs will come to my country and 25 million people who are here illegally will leave. It would be a start.

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