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Guest Michael.Nicholas.Darling

California, Washington, and Oregon as the New Confederacy?

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With Washington, Oregon, and California wanting to secede from the Union, we as the New Confederacy, should have our very first flag, like the Bonnie Blue Flag or the Confederate Flag. What should it look like? I hope we get to keep the Bear on it. What should our motto be?

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8 hours ago, Lano said:

I think ya'lls motto should be let's not secede from the union :P

With Drumpf in power? I don't think sticking it out with the Union is possible. It's gonna be impossible to do.


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It's gonna be impossible not to do without all that money from DC. They take it all in, and decide who gets any back. Same way they got all the states to make the drinking age 21 instead of 18. Florida was the last holdout, that Spring Break money was almost as good as Washington, not quite. It pissed me off because it happened right when I was coming of age. Used to be you could drive an hour and hit the bars when you turned 18, then go back to your hometown where it was 21. Kids made lots of weekend trips to ummm visit out of state friends.  Look at the bright side, at least they don't have to send in the troops like they did when the south seceded. 

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