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Letting Our Youngest Go

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My wife Beth and I have four kids: Abigail, Joseph, Benjamin, and Dinah. Our oldest, Abigail, is in the editing business. Or oldest son Joseph cut his long hippie hair he had all throughout high school in preparation for basic training in the Marines. Our son Ben has disclosed to us his desire to "compete" with his older brother and wants to sign with the Army. Of course, not one to be left out, our youngest, Dinah, wants to be a fighter pilot in the Air Force. She says if her brothers are entering the service, so is she. She says, "Joe's going into the Marines, Ben has his heart set on the Army--come on, Dad! Let me enlist in the Air Force!"

We're worried about letting her go, though.Our friends and relatives think I'm the only one acting like this, but it's also her mother. She's even more worried than I am. I mean, she's been our "Little Dinah" since the day she was born and we held her for the first time!

How are we supposed to let her go? We're not worried about the boys--they can take care of themselves (well, I am worried about Ben). But our youngest girl? Why can't she work in the civilian sector like her sister?

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Do you have a valid reason for not letting her go other than 'shes your little girl'? Because right now it sounds like the only reason you dont want her to go is because she is a girl.

I've been in this exact situation.  My parents didnt want me to join and did everything to stop me, unfortunately it worked, and now i resent them for taking it away from me and controlling my life. I can take care of myself way better than my brother ever would. 

Let her do what she wants to do. You didnt stop the others so it is selfish to sop her

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Not just because she's a girl, but because she's our youngest. She's always been our baby.

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So she has to stay at home and live the life you want her to have because you dont want to have no kids living at home?

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Hi Sam and Beth,

I think part of the challenge stems from the fact that not only is she your youngest, but this is a big change for you both. With all your kids gone your life is about to change dramatically. First let me say, bravo, you made it together and so few couples do nowadays. My own son is 17 and I can relate, I find myself looking at his pictures more lately.

In the end you have to let her go, maybe she is ready, maybe she isn't but you can't stop this. All  we can do is encourage our kids to plan appropriately. If she has planned responsibly and thought things through then that is the best you can hope for.

Best of Luck,



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I know exactly how you feel.  I also have 4 kids and at the moment they are all still at home, but I'm going to cry like a baby to let them go....especially the youngest.  I dread the empty nest 

My oldest is a boy who is 16

Next is a girl who is 14

Next is a boy who is 12

Finally my 5 year old son


My 5 year old son was born because when my next oldest went to kindergarten, I cried like a baby and told my husband I couldn't handle not having kids at home all day.  Thus, along came another I can only imagine how I will be when they are all grown.


I know it's not "advice."  I just know how you feel and want to give you and your wife a virtual hug


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