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Choosing love - your experience?

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Hello all,

Took me awhile to re-find this website. Looks like it's had a bit of a makeover.

Who would like to share with me their personal experiences making a difficult decision of deciding whether someone was right or not right for you?

To clarify - this is making a decision to pursue a relationship with someone, not a decision whether to stay with or leave someone.

I'd like to know why the decision was difficult, what factors you took into account to help with your decision, and whether it worked or didn't work out.

I thought about sharing my own conundrum, but I think the question framed in this way will help me with the pickle I'm in ^_^.

Thanks in advance for your time and sharing.

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Its hard to say, I have never been in that situation.

But I would imagine circumstances would play a big part, distance, moving away, and if someone else was involved would deter me.

Other questions I would ask is would working hours get in the way of spending time together? Are our interests and future goals aligned? 

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Hi Wil,

I have found when faced with a tough decision about pursuing a relationship I ask myself which is the lesser evil. That might have me walk away depending on what else I have going on, or it might have me jump in as the risk of being hurt or sacrificing might be lesser than the price of never knowing.

I've walked away from a few, and it was the right decision but I am a firm believer that we often know what we can't live without sometimes sooner than we identify what we want.

Close you eyes and imagine life without that person, or that person in a relationship with someone else. If you can't bear it, you may want to question why that is and how much you are willing to sacrifice for that?

Good luck,



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