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guh durn frig frag

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So, part of my job is sometimes I have to call people on the phone and let them know if they're not doing their job, or how to do their job, even though I'm not their boss, and in a lower pay grade than them.  It's awkward.  But hey, it's my job.

I call this woman on the phone and let her know that she's doing something wrong and what the right way is.  She intentionally gives me an untruth because she doesn't like the fact that the way to do her job correctly isn't as easy as not doing her job correctly.  Basically explaining how she has a special situation where she can't do her job correctly,  because it would actually be INCORRECT in this case, using a fancy word that I'm not familiar with.  I accept this tentatively and hang up.  

OF COURSE I check with my boss on this but sometimes my boss is awkward and he explains to me that the woman is wrong, but also kind of right (but really she's just wrong and was lying to me).  So I'm having this awkward unnecessary conversation where I'm just trying to get the right info across to myself, which I'm sure annoys my awkward boss as much as it annoys me, except I'm sure that it's MY FAULT in my awkward boss's mind (Komodo Dragon racism).

So I call her back and she lies to me SOME MORE and I basically just say ok, but it doesn't matter because reality is still reality, that's the funny thing about reality, is that it's always reality no matter how much non-reality you dress it up with.  And finally, she says, "ok" probably lying again and going to continue to do the wrong thing, which I will have to call her AGAIN about because apparently it's absolutely necessary that we always call these people for this particular no-no.

That's my vent.  

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I don't do well in the corporate world because of situations like this. I work construction where things have to be right and not kind of right because I don't have time to do right. It works out well for me and I am rewarded well for it, but I have to stay away from the office and all the people who just smile and lie. It seems to be universal in every office and management job in the world.  

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Here's what I would do:

The boss presses you with regard to what this woman does (or doesn't do in this case).  The boss seems to make you responsible for correcting her expecting positive results.  Meanwhile, she's feeding you lies.

This presents a nasty pickle.

Just tell the boss: "I did the best I could - she said the boss can go fv(# himself, that she's doing just fine as she is."

Problem solved.

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