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Big Al One

Is It Me?

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Is it me, coincidence, or something else?

   Okay, this may be a bit long but there's a reason for it - semantics and nuances are a factor that are key to the conclusion.

  The road I live on used to be gravel.  A time came when it was paved.  Since then, it has never been maintained and has fallen into decline with the passing of nearly 2 decades.  It's not umberable, though, there are some spots which are completely unbearable.  

Through sheer incidence some length of the road was repaved by a specific branch of our local government.  The other branch of our government responsible for determining the remainder remains hidden under the bed like a frightened child.  In other words, the worst parts of the road still remain, specifically, in one one of the travel lanes (outbound).

Here is a case where people of the subdivision have formed a driving habit to avoid the rough spots by going into the otherlane when possible.  Sometimes inbound traffic will not allow you the luxury of avoidance and you are forced to drive over this mentioned rough spot.

  Here is where I feel that I am an exception to this rule - I HIT IT EVERYTIME.  And I'm beginning to take it personally.

  Here's how it works....

  I live in the largest state in the U.S which is also the least populated.  There are roughly 700,000 people in my state. There are about four hot spots where a majority of the population is divided into not to mention native land reserves and general rual areas that are spread through out the state which all involve road systems.

  So, basically, the entire population isn't in my lap even though I DO live in a hot spot called "The Valley."  The Valley is a bourough that is about 500 miles X 300 miles -a that's a lot of space for a population of 50,000 or more.  Not all of these people live at my back door....

  Let's talk about activity and habits of people as regulated by a 24 hour day.....  Some people are night people, most are not.  9 to 5 is typical and a majority of people are in bed at night.

  Due to the nature of my own problems, I am an "anytime" person.  I could be up day or night.  Usually, I lean on the night side to avoid the push of busy people during the day- so, I go out at night quite often.  It could be midnight or any given wee-morning hours.  


It seems quite clear, when I go, I'm still hitting that rough spot in the road.  Why?  ....Why...

  I've stopped asking why and started asking HOW....  How is this happening?  How is this even freaking possible - of the 480 minutes of the night, I can't lose!  My fury swells - "What in the hell are you doing here right NOW?!"

  So...before you think me completely insane- just one more thing....  I'm not unreasonable.  People live in my neighborhood where there were once trees...  I get it - I do but, there is a space just for me on this road AND IT ISN'T ON THAT GIANT HOLE IN THE ROAD AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT OF THE NIGHT!

.....the main stretch of road that leads in and out of the subdivision is over a mile long and perfectly straight.  That giant hole in the ground is a mere blip when it comes to traveling the distance of the road.  I don't have a problem with people who "coincidently" are up and about at the same time as me, moving about on the road - truly, good to see ya...

....but why are you showing up at such moment as to defy ALL probabilities...EVERY TIME.  PERIOD.  There is no exception.

I want to know why I would lose my entire financial world betting in Las Vegas, yet can't lose when it comes to avoiding the monster on my road?


....Thanks for letting me rant people.  

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Lol, are you sure its every single time and youre not just noticing when it doesnt happen?  Maybe get the council on it to fix it

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